Born in the city of Detroit, Rat Finc moved around from the sticks to the burbs. With no support at home he got himself into all sorts of trouble. At this time music was the only real positive thing in his life. He had always been a big fan but as an artist he didn't know where to begin. One day while serving detention after school he decided to pick up his pen and let it all out. Bam! Just like that somthing clicked! It wasn't long before he was rapping on top of the tables in the lunch room in front of his whole high school. From there he did every damn talent show, open mic night & local battle he could find. People started taking notice of his talent and he started winning a lot of local and national competitions. The key to what Rat Finc does is that it is a direct reflection of his own experiences so nothing feels forced. He knows who he is and doesn't try to over sell it. Instead he invites you into the world through his eyes and the result is entertainment gold.      



"I gave you my life stream it for free
but Hip Hop saved my life so it's even to me"                                                              - Rat Finc


Highlight / Marketability

* 1st Place Grand Prize Winner of the John Lennon Song Writing Contest (Judged by Nas, Busta Rhymes, Wyclef Jean, Canibus, & Q Tip of A Tribe Called Quest)


*Chosen to showcase on hit Detroit radio station WJLB's Hit Team talent search stage in front of a panel of celebrity judges including Ludacris, Keven Liles & Ray J

* Performed at one of the largest music festivals in the world the D.E.M.F.

(Detroit Electronic Music Festival)

*Opened up for huge acts in Detroit such as Trick Trick, Big Herk, Paradime (Kid Rocks DJ), Swifty McVay of D12, DJ Godfather and legendary artist and founder of Acid Rap Esham.

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