What Makes Me Different?

I would say I'm different because I don't fit into a mold. What I mean is, nowadays you've got 2 types of rappers. You've got your "Lil's" Lil' this and Lil' that. You know your dime a dozen, baby mamas brother-in-laws rhymin' cousin, autotune voice crackin', played out trap beat havin, face tatted, gimicy ass cornball mutha fuckers. Or you've got your so called "LYRICISTS" who insist on rapping as fast as they can for 8 minutes straight until they're out of breath. In fact, they get so carried away in trying to fit as many words as humanly possible into the worlds longest run on sentence that they forget that this is a song and it should probably have a chorus. Come on man, Whatever happen to music having a grove? Whatever happened to artist staying in the pocket of the beat? That's where I come in, I'm looking for that sweet spot baby. I don't force shit! I ant trying to do too much and I ant trying to do too little. The way I look at it the producer created a canvas and now it's time for me to pull out the brush and paint a picture.